ICT Consulting

Our solutions involves the systematic analysis of the client’s technological infrastructure and  potential problem space, in order to conceive suitable solutions for current and potential problems. It also involves ongoing supervision of newly acquired solutions, in order to optimise the client’s  business potential and existing technological infrastructure.

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • IT Security Policy Development and Reviews
  • IT Security Awareness and Training

We identify IT risks that impact performance, evaluating controls in place to manage those risks, implementing short-term measures to mitigate the identified risks, and building sustainable solutions to improve the overall controls environment.

  • IT governance framework
  • IT strategic alignment
  • IT performance monitoring and reporting

We guide you our clients in building a sound IT infrastructure that minimizes data-loss  associated with accidents and natural disasters. We assess any backup-related shortcomings in  existing systems and advise on suitable and affordable backup solutions for all our customers.

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